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ASOR 2020 Presentation — Mapping Holy Land Pilgrimage Souvenirs: Production Movement Function

This is a presentation I delivered for the ASOR 2020 Conference in the panel on Classical and Byzantine Archaeology, which was held virtually due to COVID-19. The audio and slides will play automatically after you press play. The content is stored remotely. So, it may take a view moments for the content to load and Read More

What did Greek pilgrims call themselves? An ampulla from Sardis suggests an answer

As followers of my research (and blog and tweets) will know, I’m currently working on a book project that examines the economics of pilgrimage in late antiquity. One form of economic activity related to pilgrimage was the production, exchange, and movement of pilgrimage souvenirs. In the process of researching, cataloging, and mapping such souvenirs, I Read More